In 1926, a liquor store and a hardware store opened on the corner of Pearl Street and PCH…

Pearl St. General, a historic building  that was home to many incredible businesses that contributed to the vibrant history of Laguna Beach.

A businessman from Birmingham, AL, is credited with the first commercial development at Laguna Beach. His goal was to build a well developed, viable community so that his friends and family in Birmingham could share in the beach lifestyle.

Around 1938, the original building that houses The Seahorse, was built. It was established originally for Sunday School and worship.

Lahan built the Seahorse Motel in 1940 and it immediately became a travel destination. A café and snack bar came shortly thereafter. The café became a popular spot with the younger crowd.

The Seahorse was run by a fiery red headed single mother named Yvonne Perry.

Lahan sold his Seahorse Motel in 1945 to a man named Grier C. Barnhart who changed the name to the Yacht Club. After several years the property was again sold. Eventually the speakeasy legacy began under the ‘vibrant’ leadership of Yvonne Perry. 

The original Seahorse opened in 1946, unofficially known as Laguna’s first gay bar.

You can be sure colorful nights and secrets unfolded here in this much needed oasis. The back of the bar has a hidden drawer, and we’re told it once held the wedding rings of its patrons…

Stories from the past remain behind closed doors, so we invite you to come make new stories of your own. We wont tell anyone…

Sink into vintage velvet couches of deep burgundy and hot pink bench seats and enjoy a drink in our living room-esque bar. Stunning art and classic black and white photographs decorate the walls. There’s even an old fashioned record player with stacks of vintage vinyl to spin. See you soon!

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Store 7am – 7pm
Bar 11am – 10pm

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1796 S Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
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